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"Celebrate your love with timeless elegance. Our traditional wedding photography captures the classic beauty and cherished customs of your special day. From the solemn exchange of vows to the joyful festivities, we preserve every moment with grace and sophistication." Iam Arvind K V popularly known as "Arvind Simha" in Glamor World of Photography, Cinema and Cinematography, a Professional in Photography and Cinematography with a Vast Experience as a Photographer, Cinematographer, Video Editor, Album Designer, Web Series, Advertisement Director etc. Capture all your Memorable Moments through our 4K "HD Digital Mirrorless Camera" with best quality and dedication shown towards your offer to be a part on auspicious occasions you celebrate, our job is to support you to click and deliver quality Photographs and Videography of your celebration as we believe "GRAHAK DEVO BHAVA" ie. "CUSTOMER IS GOD" Please do Contact us for Fashion Photography, Candid Photography Head Shot Photography and Cinematography for Modelling (Fashion Related), Wedding (Marriage), Nama Karana (Naming Ceremony), Semantha (Baby Shower), Upanayana (Thread wearing Ceremony), Birthday Party, Gruhapravesham (Housewarming Ceremony), Family Event Shoot, Musical Event Shoot, Product Shoot etc. We are ready to travel anywhere any place. Hard work and Commitment are our Motto. We Serve you with Full HD Photos and Cinematic style 4K Video by capturing your exclusive memorable moments through our latest Equipements. Below listed Equipements are as follows. Mirrorless Camera Canon EOS R10 with RF 50 mm, 35 mm, 24-105 mm and 18-150 mm Lens for Photography. Our 4K Video captures your moments unconditionally on location through the legend of all DSLR Cameras Canon EOS 5D Mark 4 Camera with Lens of EF 50mm, 24-70 mm, 24-105 mm, and 70-200 mm. We use Ronin S and Zhuyin Crane 2 Gimbal for Cinematic Style 4K Videos. We use DJI Phantom Drone 4K for beautiful bird eye view shots (up to 1km height). Lights: Simpex 23RT Dual Flashlights for photography and videography. Godox AD 600 Dual lights for photography and videography. Godox X2TT TTL Flash Trigger. Octa Soft box with Godox V1c (Worlds no. 1 Flashlight). RGB light Stick for shooting in different Colors Photographs and Cinematic Videos. 5 in 1 Reflector for outdoor photography for diffusing sunlight and lessening shadows for crispy photos. We Design Albums as per your consent, we are experts in Karishma and Canvera Album Designs using different types of Sheets like Glossy (Non Tearable), Silky Matte Finish, Sparkle, Feather Touch, 3D Lamination, Texture, Sand Lamination, Embossing, Metallic, Pearl Metallic, NT Luster (210 GSM), Hologram Star etc. Album Sizes as follows: 12/18, 15/18, 15/24, 12/30, 12/36.


Expertise in capturing classic moments such as the exchange of vows, first dance, and family portraits. Familiarity with traditional wedding customs and rituals, ensuring they are beautifully documented. Ability to work seamlessly with formal attire and traditional wedding venues, delivering timeless and elegant photographs. (photography and videography) Traditional South or North Indian Wedding Total 03 days Package includes unlimited raw photos till 3k ,4k Cinematic video, Drone shots, on spot video mixing with 5*9 LED Wall and 2 LED TVs with +300 edited pics on 12/36 Premium Glossy HD Album 1 pen drive = 3 lakhs (negotiable) Traditional South or North Indian Wedding Total 03 days Package includes unlimited raw photos till 3k ,4k Cinematic video, Drone shots, with +300 edited pics on 12/36 Premium Glossy HD Album 1 pen drive = 2.3 lakhs (negotiable) Other Events (House Warming Ceremony, Birthday, Get together, Puberty, Thread wearing Ceremony , New born Baby Shoot, Naming Ceremony) = 45k to 70k per event

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